Business Meetings in Javea and Spain – How to Approach Them

workplace-1245776_640Business and travel go hand in hand and if you’re doing business with a Spanish company then there are certain customs to be expected when you’re in your meetings. The following is our guide.

1. Be on time. Despite what you may have learned about some European customs, Spaniards are generally very punctual (at least as much as traffic will normally allow). If you arrive first, wait patiently.

2. Lunch seldom begins before 2:30 p.m. Spain runs on a different program than most of the rest of the world. Most Spaniards start the day with a light continental breakfast before they head to work, take a rest at 11 a.m and drink coffee or may even have a siesta (depending on the business type) they will have lunch at 2:30 p.m. and then dine at 9:30 p.m. or after. A business lunch will take at least an hour or so.

3. A meeting over food or drinks, if that is what you opt for, is a social occasion first, a company event second. Personal relationships are significant. The Spanish will need to really get to understand and trust the person with whom he may do business. 

4. If you’re eating there, hands should be kept above the table constantly, if needed resting the forearms on the table edge. Spanish mums reprimand their children if both hands aren’t in visible and this is an important national custom.

Doing a little groundwork to understand the Spanish culture and reading what is going on locally, if in Javea you can check out to keep your finger on the pulse. Doing your research and being punctual and polite are vital, and make sure you don’t focus all on computers and spreadsheets as this is a less popular approach in Spain.

Benefits of Rattan Furniture

rattan-1462860_640Buying furnishings for your outside? Do you have a patio or outdoor space that needs some furniture? Try not to make the ultimate choice without considering every option out there. To make the most of the space, the correct sort of furniture is nothing short of a necessity. Numerous individuals shop without understanding what they’re buying. Try not to give that a chance to be the case with your own purchase and go into it with education.

Rattan is probably the best normal fiber that is being utilized to make items like chairs and tables today. Rattan is to some degree like bamboo yet is not the same in the center, which is hollow in bamboo. Along these lines, it is important that it should not be mistook for bamboo.

Rattan furniture looks good in the garden and endures over the inevitable test of time. It is entirely sturdy and financially savvy as it doesn’t tend to cost a lot. Natural fiber is powerless against harm and decay after some long periods of time. Synthetic, manufactured rattan furniture then again, is hard to differentiate from the genuine articles however has a few plus points, one of which being it keeps for a long time.

Rattan furniture is most appropriate for the outside and you’ll see it in gardens and on patios or balconies all over the place. Its natural veneer and authentic looks makes these pieces fit perfectly outdoors.

Luckily, for every one of its advantages, rattan furniture doesn’t cost the earth and financially is usually a pretty wise choice. It is much less expensive than wood and doesn’t compromise the longevity. There are so many choices to use to buy rattan garden furniture which makes it simple to spruce up the room utilizing rattan.

Should I take My Dog to The Golf?

dogIt makes perfect sense really, if you own a dog who needs walking, and you’re a fan of either watching or playing golf, then you’ll be doing a lot of walking anyway and it is worth combining the two. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to taking dogs to the golf course and whether it is a good idea.

The first thing you should note is the temperament of your dog, is he going to get overexcited and chase everything that moves? If so, the fellow golfers might not appreciate it! Of course, you can put your dog on a lead and you can even tie the lead to your bag while you play.

Having read the site over at – many golf clubs have quite strict rules, and some don’t even let you use rangefinders let alone bring pets to the course, but there are many clubs which will be perfectly happy with you doing so whether you’re coming as a spectator or coming to play a course of 18 holes.

Of course the benefits are clear to see, it can be a great opportunity for you to take the dog off your partners hands, to have more time bonding with man’s best friend, and just to get the exercise both of you need.

To be safe, make sure you check with the club you’re visiting, it is definitely a good idea to make sure they’re perfectly happy with you doing so as if there are any doubts you could always get turned away.

It isn’t for everyone, some people take golf really seriously and having the dog there might remove some of your focus, plus if you have ambitions to play on the PGA tour, I doubt you’ll be allowed to bring your pooch then!

Golf is a massive worldwide hobby enjoyed by so many people, there is a lot to explore in the sport and doing so with your dog can further enhance the experience. There are new places to visit together and lots of miles of course waiting to be covered.

Where Should The Dog Sleep? Is it Ok For Dogs to Sleep in Bed With You?

Where does your canine rest his or her head at the end of a long day chasing its tail? Furthermore, where would it be a good idea for them to rest? The old debate of whether a dog should sleep in bed with you or not is an interesting one and has caused many arguments among couples and families.

To begin with, the short reply. On the off chance that everyone who utilizes the bed is agreeable and safe, I have no issue that one (or more) of you happens to be canine. Giving your pup a chance to impart the bed to you won’t make her angry or make conduct issues

A 30-pounder who rests nestled into a ball will likely fit neatly in a bed with medium-size individuals. Not so much a 80-pounder who sprawls. On the off chance that you embrace a bigger or mixed breed puppy, you might need to hold off on the sharing of the bed until you have some thought of whether giving him access the bed will leave sufficient space in it for you and your partner

You ought to keep your puppy off your bed in the event that it’s a site of any anger in the pup or that it gets protective. Your puppy may monitor the bed, protect one of the general population who utilize the bed, or snap or nibble when touched. The puppy who’s guarding gets angry when others are near it.

A typical behavior issue among mutts is that of requesting your love, needing a scratch, wanting to play – you get the general idea. It’s sensible for mutts to need our consideration and our love, and puppies surely do get exhausted and need to run off their energy. Be that as it may, for us to appreciate living respectively, our mutts need to be calm if they’re going to share our beds!

How Owning a Dog Can Improve Your Life

dogAsk any dog lover and they can let you know every one of the ways their pet has enhanced their life – yet there are numerous ways a pet can really enhance your wellbeing in ways you could never even think about!

Research demonstrates that people experiencing mental health problems who had dogs were more averse to experience the ill effects of being depressed than those without.

It additionally demonstrates that people who embraced a cat or puppy saw lower strain in consequent blood pressure readings. In just a few minutes with your pet your body experiences physical changes that significantly decrease problems and enhance your state of mind and happiness.

Playing with pets builds your levels of serotonin, which enhance your state of mind, and can lessen levels of hurtful chemicals that are expanded when times get tough, people with pets tend to be happier.

Owning a pet offers the elderly the chance to be with a living thing all the time and love and cherish. It additionally gives the chance to work out and go for walks, which can decidedly advantage people with ailments

Owning and watching over a pet can offer children with Autism and give some assistance with burning off energy, learn what it is like to look after something, and improve their life

With such a large number of medical advantages to owning dogs and puppies, why wouldn’t you? Get an animal in your life today and meet your eternity companion and begin having to be more fun and more satisfied together!